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Juicer twists for a deeper core

I used to mainly practice and teach twists either in the wind-down section of class or passively in the flow using my arms and legs as leverage.

I was pushing myself towards that popping sound of the spine, thinking that meant I’d gone deep enough to ‘get something out’ of the pose.

A passive, relaxed twist can definitely still feel amazing and especially towards the end of class or when neutralizing the spine between flexion and extension.

But since I started working lots more actively with my twists I’ve noticed a whole other level of depth in my body and practice. I’m paying attention to the full 360 degree of my core and not only my front abs, I feel lots more stable in my lower back and I can turn on that inner fire quicker that I use for the other parts of my stronger asana practices.

Twisted Navasana hands to feet variation (boat pose)

A few years ago, this twist felt not only very uncomfortable but impossible to get into, even more so to hold. It also didn’t feel as ‘co

ol’ or aspirational to work towards as for example an arm balance. But I stuck with it, and will continue to do so.

Let’s make our practice as manifold as our unique bodies are - working progressively to build more body awareness, more presence, more strength little by little.


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