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The power of creating & nurturing rhythms

I am the creator and maker of the rhythm of my own life. I choose to create a rhythm that I can flow intuitively, healthily and chilled to. I create the rhythm by initiating and maintaining habits and routines that serve and that support my growth and wellbeing in a multitude of ways.

Beyond helping us to move through life in a lush way, having a rhythm can play another pretty sweet role. Following a certain rhythm means that it’s okay to every now and then (whenever needed) switch on autopilot and skip the overthinking when the mind is slow and tired. You simply do what you normally do which you know usually works for you.

When this comes to your practice that may mean that you go to the same classes every week, or listen to the same meditation track or start every day with the same morning sequence.

It also means that it becomes easier to notice when something feels off. In the body, mind or heart. When something in your life is no longer serving you as it should. When you need to stop and listen and learn again. This is when our self-practice becomes really important. The power of a sustainable self practice is to become with our physical body, to empower ourselves to trust the body to do what it can and to let us know when change is needed.


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