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200hr Hatha & Vinyasa RYT (Earth Yoga Village)

Essential Yoga Anatomy (Jason Crandell Yoga Method)

Mastering the Art of Sequencing (Jason Crandell Yoga Method)

Holistic Nutrition Coach (Arhanta Online Academy)

I am a Swedish, ocean loving, flow sequencing and playlist making yogini and yoga teacher. Before moving to Cornwall in 2021, I lived on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, teaching daily yoga classes whilst running a surf school and caring for stray animals. I am passionate about our planet and hold a Master's degree in trans-disciplinary sustainability.


​I started traveling the world and practicing yoga around the same time in my life, roughly 13 years ago. My yoga practice became a way for me to turn into myself in the midst of change. Whenever I came to a new country I would find a yoga class to join or roll out my mat in nature to practice. In a beautiful way, yoga became an essential part of both my travels and me as a person, and helped me to stay connected to myself and my own truth while being on the move and meeting new faces and places. 

I trained to become a yoga teacher in 2018 both to learn more and deepen my own practice, and because I was truly craving to share this practice that I so deeply believe in. I believe in the benefits of yoga for all, regardless of how our personal practices look. I believe it has the power to help us become better versions of ourselves and better humans, and to make us healthier and happier inside and out. I believe that yoga is a practice of integration.

​Since I took my first yoga class in 2010 I have always been drawn to dynamic, fiery and fast paced Vinyasa classes. I love arriving completely into my body and leaving the head to move, to breathe, to sweat – to just BE. The power of a fiery Vinyasa practice is the irresistible pull towards surrender, to the moving meditation where nothing else exists. ​


I still love fast and dynamic Vinyasa classes but since I completed my teacher training and began exploring traditional Hatha with my teachers in India I have been drawn to slower, more conscious movement. In my teaching I love to invite my students to stop and feel, to explore and to engage more deeply with sensations as a way to learn to listen to the intelligent language of our bodies.

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