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I may not be everyone's yoga teacher

When I started teaching yoga I felt an unnecessarily strong urge to satisfy everyone’s needs and meet every sort of expectation in the room. I would worry about people walking away from my classes feeling like they didn’t like it or like they didn’t get what they were looking for.

There are SO many yoga teachers and we are all different. We’re not meant to be the same but we do share one collective goal which is to help more people practice and integrate yoga into their lives.

I want everyone to try my classes but that doesn’t mean that I am the right teacher for you, in which case you just need to keep looking.

Here are some things which may be good to know about my classes and me as a teacher:

• I don’t consider flexibility to be the one and only goal in yoga

• I rarely think you should let your body be completely passive in any position (unless in a Yin class)

• Regardless of the level of my class, you are expected to put in some work

• I am passionate about anatomy and am more into science-based sequencing and body exploration than airy fairy & random or what-looks-cool stuff

• I’ve stopped taking fotos of students during my classes and in savasana because I think it should be a safe space to just BE

• I LOVE props wish students would dare to use them more often

• I play music in my classes and am pretty darn good at making playlists (let me know if you want in on them for your own practice 😘)

More than anything, I want you to feel empowered in your practice. I believe that happens through gaining more in-depth knowledge about our own bodies and about yoga itself as an organized system of mind & body (and worldly) liberation.


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