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Conscious transitions

Do you pay attention to the in-between?

Did you know that most injuries in yoga occur not when we move into or hold a pose but when we move out of it? Often, we’re so busy reaching the deepest expression of a particular pose that we bring little or no awareness to transitioning out or to the next one.

When beginning to transition out of a pose, the first step is to come back to the foundation of that pose. To reestablish and cultivating a sense of feeling stable & grounded. This is especially important in a Vinyasa practice, where the relationship between breath and movement is key and where we surrender into a flow state of mind.

When we start to take the body for granted, and forget to actively support it, that’s when injury is likely to happen. For example, when in Triangle (Utthita Trikonasana) it may be tempting to lift straight up in one (unconsciously) swift move to come back up. But why put unnecessary stress on the hamstring or lower back? From Trikonasana, we always need to engage more through the back leg by rooting down more firmly through the back hip into the back foot. And using the entire span of the breath.

As your practice evolves and you progress, go deeper into the self discovery of your body to find more ways to honour it. If you don’t take care of your body, you can’t expect your body to take care of you.


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