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My mission as a yoga teacher is manifold. It changes and takes many different forms, from day to day and from student to student. But at its core, my own personal mission as a yoga teacher is to create a space where you feel safe – safe to be, to move, to fully feel into yourself on your journey of self enquiry and exploration.


Most often, I do that by inviting you onto your mat and together we move, we breathe, we rediscover the old and we learn to love even the smallest and most hidden parts of ourselves.


I believe that my role as a teacher is to guide you towards a shape – an asana – and from there it’s your loving task to find your unique edge. Holding space whilst you surf that edge is something that I absolutely love to do.


It is such a privilege to witness the transformation that you go through. From arriving onto your mat, moving through the physical practice in all its depth and re-emerging from Savasana nourished and re-structured.


And lastly, I am not afraid of challenging you and at times make you feel uncomfortable. Whilst through the (sometimes strong) asana we create space and in the long run comfort in the physical body, I do believe we need to work hard to find comfort in emotional, mental and energetic discomfort. And to find stillness in movement. 

You can find a little bit more about me here, or read my thoughts on my blog. And, if you have any questions I am just a message away.


After starting yoga in January, the class has helped me gain much more confidence and the classes/workshops give a lot more knowledge. I leave feeling invigorated and my mind clear. My core strength and posture have also improved and the feeling of well-being after the class.

Michelle Delamer

I highly recommend @martasternangyoga . Märta is a brilliant instructor. She beautifully combines her sensitivity and strength, has such a soothing voice and excellent taste in meditative/exercise music! Each class glides through a series of movements that take great care of my body and Märta takes care of every one of us. I love the gentle spiritual element to her practic, she visits us individually toward the end for final adjustments as we lay quietly. I also love our group Om chant at the end 💖 It is the perfect yoga class. Thankyou🙏

Caitlin Dean

Having worked with Marta over a number of months this summer we can honestly say she is the most superb yoga instructor we have ever worked with!
The mind & body connection she inspired with the learners' was intimate and consistent. Teaching points throughout the classes were succinct and well delivered, frequently anticipating common learner mistakes in regards to breathing strategy and maintaining balance and the flow of the class.
After the class she engaged personally with the group, answering questions, staying on to have a coffee and going swimming with them which was really above and beyond.

Café Hoxton Special

I absolutely love going to Märta’s classes. She obviously has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience and so is very embodied in her teachings. Her classes are always unique and inspiring (often challenging!) and I leave feeling so good in my body. I’ve definitely built up strength and flexibility since going to her Monday classes. Honestly, Marta is by far the best yoga teacher in Penzance and I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Fiona McCoss

Richard Goulden

I feel very lucky to have found Marta's yoga in Penzance. Marta teaches yoga in a profound yet accessible way, that really connects me into my own bodys felt experience and encourages me to explore my own edge and deepen and relax into it. I have already noticed how I am feeling better in myself less in my head and more able to harmonise with nature.

Jennifer Condell

Eliza Bell

Thank you Marta for a wonderful two hour workshop 'Crack your heart open'. The yoga was well-balanced, well planned, with attention to detail. Marta's delivery and teaching style is encouraging and engaging. I am already looking forward to the next one :)

Amanda Jeffery

Marta conveys so much authenticity of the lineage of this Vinyasa practice. Her presence, hypnotic voice and calm authority provides unobtrusive support and encouragement for individual practice. In a non competitive environment with a spiritual as well as physical practice emphasis, I recommend this to anyone who feels the call. ( ps not being the only male in the class is great!)

Marta's yoga classes are the perfect balance of exercise and relaxation. Marta offers a calming presence and space to explore your bodies limits. Thank you Marta!

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